Thursday 9 February 2012

Rhydd Ddu, Ty Capel cottage. 3rd Feb` to 10th Feb` 2012.

 First glimpse of mountains on Sunday morning.

Bob and Simon try to get the Stanley going.

Starting the Nantile Ridge walk.

 Saturday was also Peters 50th birthday.

Dinorwig slate quarry.

 An ironstone mine.

 You can see where they chased the seam up the hill.

 Lots of clambering about.

 Ffridd slate quarry.

 Lunch on my own as the others were walking from Beddgelert.

 The incline railway I wanted to see.

 Peter and Ralph seeing to our needs, Simon was very good in the kitchen too
but we missed Cloughie, it wasn`t the same without flames coming out of every pan!

 A foot tickling session.

 Tucking into Hayley Page Welsh cakes.

 According to the map, we were at 700M, and Ians watch said just that!

 The obelisk, we shouldn`t have been here at this time.

 Lost in a forest, we walked for over 11 hours!

 Our first glimpse at Snowdon.

  The first breakfast.

 The sun made the rocks steam.

 The remains of the awesome 
Glan yr Afon slate Quarry.

 What we thought was a quarry alarm turned out to be a mess train
on the Welsh Highland Railway.

 Once again the moon came up from behind Snowdon, I had to wait an hour for this.

 Heading off towards Mount Snowdon.

 Eventually we decided to follow the sign and not Ian!

 Saturday was very wet so we took it easy!

And this is the lovely chap who makes it all happen, thanks Ian for a corking trip.

 A seven photo stitch.

 I can`t think why we keep getting lost.

 The cafe at the top of Snowdon.

 Lunch at the summit.

 Dinner in the pub over the road.

 Back to the cottage along the railway.

 Ian repairing Peters crampon.

 As we got back to the cottage, the moon appeared from behind Snowdon.